Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis

Council Members

Chairperson (and Executive Director) – Julie Hay TSTA COPE

​I was one of the three founder members and the inaugural Chair of IDTA, a former president of ITAA and EATA, and of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council).  I am the Editor of IJTARP (International Journal of TA Research & Practice) and I am Project Manager of the TA Proficiency Awards. I am also now the IDTA Delegate to EATA, representing us as the only Special Interest Group so far affiliated. I have many years’ experience as ‘ordinary employee’, manager, trainer and consultant in the public and private sectors and of teaching TA around the world, in over 40 countries.  I am keen for IDTA to reach out across cultures, sharing what we know and being enriched by different perspectives.  I coined the term ‘developmental TA’ back in the 1990s as a way to describe those of us who apply TA in non-therapy contexts, to develop rather than to cure, and am now Academic Dean of an MSc in Developmental TA. I am currently leading TA programmes in China, Japan and Kazakhstan.

Chair Training Standards Committee – Lynda Tongue TSTA O

I work primarily within organisations, specialising in leadership development programmes, and coaching on a one-to-one and team basis.  I was part of a team that won a National Training Award for a programme teaching TA to leaders in 2005.  I am also Deputy Programme Director for an MSc in Developmental TA.  I am Chair of Training Standards Committee on the IDTA Council.  I was also UK delegate to EATA 2014-2017, where I represented the 4 UK-based associations.

Treasurer – Mary Tobin

I previously worked as a pupil counsellor in a secondary school in Hemel Hempstead and used TA with a number of the pupils I saw.  I first became interested in TA when I studied it as part of my counselling diploma.  I have been attending TA training now for several years and I am looking forward to my roles on IDTA Council as National Coordinator for the TA Proficiency Awards in the UK, and looking after the IDTA website.

Council Member – Traian Bossenmayer

Traian is an organizational development professional, with experience in training and leadership development initiatives. He is currently working for a multinational gaming company as Head of Human Resources and as a freelance consultant and executive coach. He passed his CTA (O) exam in Rome, 2015 and has been a PTSTA (O) since 2016.
He is passionate about facilitating change within teams, by encouraging an authentic contact through meaningful conversations. Traian invites and supports growth in a thoughtful, caring and enthusiastic way.

Council Member – Eithna Coen

​I am coach practising in Ireland in the health service and also have a private practice.
I use and share TA concepts, tools and techniques to support my coaching and training work.
I am a student on the MSc Developmental Transactional Analysis with Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC UK