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IDTA is closing down because we no longer wish to have links to ITAA and EATA.  Instead, our energies will be put into the World Online TA Association, of which we were a Founder Member –

Since 31 March 2023 IDTA is therefore no longer a Partner Organisation of the International Transactional Analysis Association; and is no longer affiliated to the European Association of Transactional Analysis.

This website will continue to operate for the next year so that we can make authors’ material in our Newsletters still available.

What is Developmental Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis is a social psychology, a theory of human personality and a systematic approach for growth and personal change of individuals, groups and organisations. In the past, the non-therapy applications of TA were known as Special Fields but the term DTA was adopted as this captures the emphasis on development rather than the psychotherapeutic focus on cure.  It is therefore of relevance to educators, consultants, trainers, facilitators, teachers, coaches, mentors, counsellors, mediators, social workers, parents, youth workers, advisors, HR professionals, managers, executives – and all who help to develop others .

IDTA liaises and maintains a contract with ICTAQ – the International Centre for TA Qualifications – to support the following qualifications and awards:

  • Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Developmental TA or in TA Coaching, representing 25%, 50% and 100% respectively of the TA requirements for CTA (there is also an equivalent in Psychotherapy)
  • the above can lead to accreditation as a TA Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner and Master Practitioner, or as TA Manager, Advanced Manager and Master Manager.
  • The above can also lead to a Master’s degree, online, awarded by a UK university
  • ICTAQ also operates the TA Personal/Professional Development Awards, such as for children, parents, teachers, unemployed people, police officers, coaches, etc